I am excited to say we have started to receive the 2018 BMW’S, with the new vehicles we have purchased some new safety features.
Below is a break down of the features and a brief explanation what they will do to help avoid accidents.
* Heads Up Display – On the Windshield the speed and GPS will be displayed so you will not need to take your eyes off the road.
* Active Blind Spot Detection- Should a pedestrian or another vehicle get to close to the vehicle you will see a yellow light appear on the side view mirror and will hear a beeping noise
* Day Time Pedestrian Protection- Should a pedestrian step in the direction of the vehicle to the point of collision the vehicle will come to a stop
* Front Collision warning – Should you get to close to the vehicle in front of you the vehicle will start to beep a slight braking will be done by the vehicle but it require you  to apply the      brake to avoid collision.
* Lane Departure Warning- Should you be driving on a road that has solid traffic lines on the road way the staring wheel begin to vibrate warning you to get back in the lane, should you    also change lanes without using a blinker the staring wheel will also vibrate
* Speed Limit Warning- Should you go over a certain speed the vehicle will beep warning you that you have over the set speed.
The 2018 models still have the run flat tires