Below is a complaint that came in that has learning value for all of us .
It is an important skill to be aware or sensitive to when a client wants conversation and when they don’t.
Please be aware when maybe you have had to much coffee and are feeling chatty and  when maybe the client just wants to quiet time to decompress.
 It is tricky to strike the right balance between being up beat and friendly and being quiet and reserved.
My suggestion is try and read the clients demeanor to give them what they want.
Thanks for accepting the challenges of being a HI End Luxury service . !!!

Hi there–the chauffeur was extremely nice and I don’t want him to get in trouble. However, on both trips (out and back) he had to stop the car shortly after starting b/c he’d forgotten something–once left something in the trunk he needed and the other time had left his phone on the roof.
He also insisted on talking to me, even when I apologized and told him I needed to do some work. At one point I put my headphones on and was sending emails on my phone, and he interrupted to ask, “Are you busy?” When I said yes, he said, “I didn’t want to say something and have you be too busy to respond.” He kept trying to make small talk even after this, asking me more questions even when the conversation had stopped and even though I was clearly s