Happy belated fathers day to all our Dads.
The situations below happen very rarely, but when they do we like update you to protect you to help avoid these situations from happening to you.

We recently had a MAJOR customer complaint resulting in the client possibly closing their account, the complaint is due to the Chauffeur taking an unauthorized 10-7 while on an as directed.
The Chauffeur dropped the passengers off at a meeting and decided to go back to Charles Street for no good reason, the client called looking for the car and due the Chauffeur being on Charles st. it was taking 15 minutes to get to Federal Street ( due to traffic) the Client decided to take a taxi.
The action by the Chauffeur is considered and unauthorized 10-7, when you are on an as directed you MUST always stay with the client if you need to use the restroom or get a cup of coffee you MUST call dispatch for a quick 10-7 in the area.
Going across town to Charles street is unacceptable.
Unauthorized 10-7  result in a one week suspension up to termination.
Please just call in your 10-7 so we know when your not on location in case the client calls !
Thank you for your cooperation!