Since we got back to costing rides correctly, we are finding areas for improvement in training how to charge for our services.
I would like to clear up some confusion with the Four Seasons and wait time. The four Seasons and LTI has an agreement that we do not charge wait time for a pick up transfer at Logan Airport  ( Domestic & International) but we do charge wait time at Signature. We also charge wait time for all other transfers such as a client being picked up at the Hotel. Sorry for the quirkiness of this exception to our rules, but it was something the hotel felt very strong about.
Also if you think you had wait time at Gillette Stadium last night and we did not charge, please call the office so we can get the amount of wait time and get the charges posted correctly.
Example: If you had a pick up at Gillette stadium last night at 11:00pm  and the client gets in your vehicle at midnight then there would be a 45.00 dollar wait time charge.
 The client gets a 15 minute grace period and we then charge $1.00 per minute for every minute we waited.
Please reference your manual for clarifications on how to charge , we find  wait time , travel time, hourly charges , tolls, seem to be s a source of some confusion.
If you are still unclear  on the way we charge for our services , please contact or leave a message for Kadeem  for assistance .