I hope everyone is doing well, recently we discovered that some of the Chauffeurs are not sure the correct numbers to be calling when calling into the office.
First you should NEVER call the main number 617-381-0600.
617-910-1315– is the direct dial to the Dispatcher- Speed Dial icon is on the front screen of the phone.
617-910-1314– is the direct dial to the Wingman – Speed Dial icon is on the front screen of Dispatch
617-910-1329– is the Road Show phone number- If you are doing a Road Show it is your responsibility to call when you are code 3 ( on location) and confirm the itinerary, you are also responsible for calling when code 5 job complete.
617-910-1360– This is for the Scheduler if you do not hear from the scheduler by 6pm each night you should call this number to get the in time or your call time.
617.910.1333  Kadeem coulter (chauffeur manager)
617.910.1377  Billy Williams (Payroll Questions, Vacation pay, sick pay, etc…)
I hope this is helpful.