LTI Chauffeurs vs Transportation Network Companies

The term chauffeur seems to be combined with the term driver more often now than it has ever been. Many believe that chauffeur is used as just another word for driver when in fact both terms are drastically different in many ways. Here are some guidelines that will help differentiate the overall service and duties expected from both chauffeurs and drivers.


Drivers- couple hours of training, trainer’s skills may vary, easy process
LTI Chauffeurs are trained for two weeks and are not allowed to drive alone until they successfully pass the 2 week training process. Not only are they being monitored on their ability to drive cautiously, but also on how well they know the surrounding cities and highways.


Drivers- welcome to wear and look however they want with barely any restrictions, must drive their own vehicles and not obligated to open doors.
LTI chauffeurs are expected to start their day in a full suit, chauffeur cap and LTI tie. Chauffeurs are also given specific guidelines on their appearance such as coming to work neatly shaved and with little to no jewelry visible. Along with our amazing cleaning crew that clean our vehicles at the end of each work day, we also have a company-owned carwash in the garage that our vehicles pass through every single time they leave our garage, leaving all of our brand new vehicles in pristine condition. As for customer interactions, chauffeurs are more than happy to open doors help with luggage and accommodate any of our client’s needs.


Drivers are normally booked within the same day or moment, are not at fault for reliability quality and timing issues, solely focused on getting client from point A to point B as fast as possible
LTI chauffeurs have their bookings in advance and are expected to reach their destinations 15 minutes prior to the scheduled pick-up time. That way the client has the flexibly to load the car without rushing, offer our clients some of our complimentary beverages and services, or even leave a little early if they choose to. The same expectation is made with same day bookings as well.


Drivers are not closely monitored unless specific situations are bought to the company attention (for example) by law enforcement or their customer.
LTI chauffeurs are monitored by a tracking system built into all of our livery vehicles. For instance, the tracking system notifies a manager when the chauffeur is not wearing a seatbelt or going over the speed limit significantly. This way we can confidently assure our clients that LTI chauffeurs are one of the best in today’s livery industry.
The next time you are indecisive about whether to choose a chauffeur or a driver for your traveling purposes, hopefully you will be able to keep this post in mind. Quality over quantity is key.