Hello Team,

Great News LTI will be moving to it’s new home on September 6th located at 284 Eastern Ave in Chelsea, All employees should continue to come to 35 Bow Street on the 6th as the move will be on going over the course of the day. Not to worry if you are told to return the vehicle to the new office we will give you a ride back to 35 Bow to get your vehicle.
Procedures when reporting to work and returning to the garage at the completion of your shift. 
When you arrive to work you will enter into the first opening which is the employee Parking lot
 Exit your vehicle and walk to the side of the building and enter through the temp employee entrance. DO NOT USE FRONT ENTRANCE
Once you enter the garage walk to the right to the Dispatch window and punch in, pick up your
 car keys / Tablet & phone and your cooler bag filled with water should you need to use the restroom or go to your locker please go upstairs to the Employee locker room the door is located  to the left of the dispatch window
Once you are ready to get your vehicle you will walk to the end of the garage and pick up your vehicle parked outside in its designated spot, you will exit the LTI Vehicle exit. DO NOT pull back into the employee parking to go to your personal vehicle.
When returning to base you will enter through the employee parking lot and drive through the car wash and park the vehicle in the vehicles designated spot, take your cooler, tablet and phone and return them to the dispatch window and exit the building through the employee entrance,  The reason for going through the wash bay is to keep the flow of traffic and get you into the habit of using this entrance when returning.
Things to be aware of are the following. 
1) Please be PATIENT, the location is still a work in progress but will be completed shortly after we move.
2) All Lockers must be cleaned out by Tuesday September 5th and locks must be removed, Lockers
    will be moved to the new location on the 7th.
3) LTI will not have a Car Wash on moving day but we will be using Scrub A Dub located next to the new office and we will be washing vehicles by hand when    needed.
4) Please review the attached drawing and be sure to park your personal vehicle in the correct lot, personal vehicles are NOT allowed in the LTI vehicle lot
5) All LTI vehicles will be parked outside in the rear of the building for a short time until the garage construction is completed, please pay attention to the signs indicating the parking for the type of vehicle you are driving.
Everyones patients and cooperation will be greatly appreciated !
Please see the attached drawing for a help guide.
Please dont hesitate to contact me by email if you have any questions or concerns.