Unfortunately in the last 3 days we have lost over a thousand dollars because of of sloppy costing procedure.
“There were 30 Toll Mistakes, 12 Greeter, 11 Stop, 6 wait time, 6 Hours, 5 Travel time and some misc.
74 Mistakes in Total and those are only the ones that George and Endrit caught so there could have easily been more.”
 The mistake we are making is dispatch and chauffeurs are not costing rides correctly the way they were trained. 
 What happens now is dispatch asks if you have had any changes to the ride, you say no he says ok and we move on . INCORRECT!
The fix is very easy, total out your slip before calling in your costing , once you have it totaled, tell dispatch your totaled amount  and dispatch will confirm that is correct.
It may seem like a little more work , but that is the correct way to cost a ride, please no more short cuts !