• The Parade of Sail will welcome more than 50 vessels from around the world into Boston Harbor over 6 days starting June 17-22,2017. They will be representing 14 different countries
  • In 2000 when the ships came into Boston there were over 100 ships. In 2009 45 Tall Ships stopped in Boston and  they arrived staggered over two days. 2017 will be the largest fleet of tall ships in the Boston Harbor since 2000.
  • The largest vessel is the Union, from Peru which was built in 2015, it is 115.75 metres long
  • The smallest vessel is the Leila from UK which was built in 1892, it is 14.43 metres long.
  • There’s a total age difference of 123 years between the youngest and oldest vessels, with Leila (UK) at 125 years old and Union (Peru) at only two years old.
  • Vessel with the largest expected crew: Amerigo Vespucci (Italy) – 265 professional crew, 150 trainees.
  • Vessel with the smallest expected crew: Regina Germania (Germany) – four professional crew, four trainees

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